About Bamburs

As you can see at the picture, we are living in the middle of the forest. Where the dogs got lot of exercise and of course me to.

I have always been loving dog`s. My first dog was a miniature schnauzer Tessy, I got her from my parent`s when I was seven years. She become to be 12 years.

After that I started with german sheperd for some years. When my last german shepard was 6 years old I decided to get me a miniature schnauzer again.

I contacted Kennel Fixus and in the summer of 1983 I got my black miniature schnauzer Fixus Knicke-Dicken. After some years of showing her I wanted to breed her. So in Januari 1986 the first litter of Kennel Bamburs was born.

In 1997 I bought my first white miniature schnauzer from Kennel vd Spikke in the Netherlands and 1998 was the first white litter in Sweden born.

Belive it or not we are still going on!